Top 7 Best Pattern Ideas for Subway Tiles

In recent times, subway tiles have become everyone’s favorite, including homeowners and professional interior designers. Thanks to the high quality and versatility of the tiles, they have been one primary material that is ever consistent on renovation lists for kitchen and bathrooms. visit to more about best pattern ideas for Subway tiles.

Of course, I wouldn’t disagree that subway tile patterns can be sometimes mundane. Still, when you jazz it up a little bit and add a vibrant, fun design, it can make a vast difference in your bathroom, kitchen or any other place you install them. 

There is no boundary to the possibilities of patterns you can make with subway tiles. This article will learn about ten different ways to lay subway tiles to create several unique designs to make your home look its best.

As you might have known, subway tiles are classic. They have been primary interior design materials for almost a century. More important than that, they still fit into the current trend because they look modern. They have a clean look, and they are easy to clean. Before now, subway tiles come in only white, but nowadays, you can have them in different shades, sizes, and textures.

I am sharing these fore tips to understand that subway tiles are versatile and can work perfectly for a wide variety of top-notch designs. 

Now, let’s take some inspiration for subway tiles patterns designs to beautify your bathroom and kitchen. 

1. Herringbone Pattern 

Then name Herringbone is ever buzzing in the lips of seasoned interior designers. It might be challenging to know why people love this pattern, but one thing is sure; it is among the oldest tiles pattern. 

I don’t how strict you are when it comes to interior designs, but I bet you wouldn’t want to resist the glamour and feel that comes with the classic herringbone pattern. The herringbone pattern is relatively the most sought-after design amidst others. But, unless you are new in the interior design world, you will not struggle to believe this fact.

Many interior designers consider subway tiles as the most versatile tiles for great indoor designs. Especially when you make it at 90 degrees, it is most suitable for a taller space. Moreover, you can use them to create vertical and horizontal patterns. 

When you create the herringbone design at 90 degrees, it draws the visitors’ eyes up. It makes incredible visual interest in the bathroom or kitchen.

2. Step Ladder 

This pattern looks like putting stepping stones systemically in a step ladder. Indeed, you can’t imagine how awesome this pattern looks until you have seen it physically. For example, subway tiles in the step ladder look great in a surround shower pattern. And in addition to that, it will make your bathroom or kitchen spaces look bigger and more accommodating. 

I know you might not have seen this pattern before, and that’s fine. But, unfortunately, not many people understand how a step ladder pattern looks. And it doesn’t mean that you are not in vogue; it’s simply because the step ladder pattern is a very scare layout – not like the type you see around everywhere. However, this pattern makes a grand statement in kitchens and bathrooms. 

3. Classic Subway 

Have you ever heard about classic subway tile patterns before? Well, you should. Before I go further, let me fill you in on how this classic pattern originated. Back in the day, the first time designers stacked subway tiles was like bricks. And that became a generally accepted design that professional interior designers imported the old pattern into this new age. And guess what, it still actively in vogue.

Can you see why designers say that subway tiles are timeless? They remain in their current style as widespread taste changes. That’s classic!

4. Geometric Look

This pattern is fun and very easy to create. It doesn’t require many technicalities to give your kitchen or bathroom a geometric design. The only thing to do is to place two horizontal tiles next to two vertical tiles. It is that simple! If you can get it right, you will love the outcome. The geometric pattern is unique. It brings out the beauty of your design with boldness while maintaining a classic feel. 

5. Classic Pattern at a Diagonal

Do you remember we discussed the classic subway tile pattern earlier in this article? Do you have a picture of the traditional design in your mind? If you a yes to those two questions, you already know what this pattern portrays. The classic design at a diagonal is just a twist to what we earlier discussed.

To achieve this design, all you have to do is get your traditional subway tiles ready, stack them like bricks, and rotate them at 45 degrees. Boom! You have a created another classic design with a different feel. 

Now, I must feed you with a secret.  This simple twist on the classic works wonders. It adds surprise to the traditional look because of its uniqueness and simplicity. You will love your kitchen more than the bathroom. The diagonal pattern makes the room seem more significant and more comfortable.

6. Herringbone at 45 Degree

We have earlier discussed herringbone at 90 degrees at the beginning of this list, which means you are already familiar with the great pattern. Now, you will only have to rotate it 45 degrees to make another design entirely. Isn’t that amazing? Absolutely. 

Most homeowners with smaller kitchens or bathrooms prefer Herringbone at a 45-degree pattern because it keeps their eyes moving throughout the entire room, making it look bigger. Hence, it would not be harmful to say that herringbone at 45 degrees changes smaller rooms to bigger ones. It is also an excellent tool to direct visitors’ eyes to a particular element in the room. 

7. Stacked Vertical – Alternating 

You can create a shower wall appealing to visitors’ sight by vertically stacking your subway tiles. And when you do, you have just successfully created another fantastic design. Note that you will have to offset the rows to make a difference from the traditional stacked pattern. This pattern looks more mature and modern. It works perfectly on kitchen and bathroom walls bring out excellence in the feel.


Subway tiles are perfect interior design materials with great versatility. One of the highest points of these unique tiles is that they can function flawlessly in a wide variety of interior designs without any stress. No matter the pattern you choose, you can never go wrong with subway tiles.